Coast walk to La Galea
25 May 2016

Coast walk to La Galea

La Galea and the coast of Getxo

25 May 2016

La Galea and the coast of Getxo are only a short hop from the Bilbao Metro. Spring days with the sea breeze and the sun shining are a perfect way to work up your appetite…

The green coast of the Basque Country is a lot closer than you think if you are staying in the city of Bilbao or even if you are here on a Cruise ship. From Moyua station to Bidezabal takes around 35 minutes and a couple of hours walk will give you a chance to see some of our marvellous coastline. Wild flowers, birds, surfers, cliffs, beaches, historic civil war bunkers, a 19th Century Lighthouse house a 17th Century Fort and of course the beautiful entrance to the river of Bilbao, the Abra…

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For those of you looking to take more than just the 2 hours or so it takes to walk to Azkorri beach from Bidezabal along the coast, the well maintained and paved paths and cycle tracks can take you all the way to Sopelana, famous for its 2 different beaches.

The coast is hardly overdeveloped either with the beach at Sopelana offering a handful of places to offer drink and a pintxo! If you wanted to head back to Bilbao from here, the stations at Larrabasterra and Sopelana will add another 10 minutes to your journey back into Bilbao centre….

Whether you are staying in Bilbao or just here for a short stop over on a cruise ship, our coast is really easy to get to. This green coast of Getxo and Uribe is Basque Experiences back garden! So if you fancy stretching your legs, getting out of the city or fancy adding a day’s walk to your Basque Tour along our spectacular and unknown-by-outsiders coast, drop us a line and we can take you with us!

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