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Elorrio and it’s magnificent history!!

Coats of Arms of Elorrio, Bizkaia

Elorrio in Biscay is an enchanting small town hidden away in the hills in the east of the province, protected by the Intxorta, Oiz, Anboto and Udalaitz mountains.

Meaning ‘Hawthorn’ in Basque,  Elorrio grew due to its strategic location close to the borders of Gipuzkoa to the east and Alava to the south, and to the hills themselves, which were full of iron ore…. Founded as a town, with all the privileges that entails, in 1356 many of its ‘nobles’ were closely involved with the King and the House of Austria, whose ‘Office of Indian Affairs’ was based in Seville.

The trade in arms, and iron to the Americas via Seville, created great wealth for many of the towns folk, who constructed great palaces on their family lands in the town. Many of these noble families erected Coats of Arms on these beautiful Baroque palaces and mansions, indeed today there are 20 palaces and 68 coats of arms, the highest number in all the Basque Country. Here is just a small selection…

  • Elorrio
  • Elorrio
  • Elorrio
  • Elorrio
  • Elorrio

In addition to the fantastic collection of 16th and 17th Century Palaces, there are many other historic monuments which stand as testament to this golden age for the town. One can find the largest temple in the Biscay, the Basilica de la Purísima Concepción sat alongside the palaces, town walls, convents, houses and crosses of this magnificent ‘villa’.

More ancient history is also represented here, at just one mile away we can find the Chapel of San Adrián, where the ancient Necropolis of Argiñeta is the resting place for 21 sarcophagus, some of which date to pre-christian times in the 9th Century….

A charming town, full of history, atmosphere, stories, legends and a stone’s throw from Bilbao. A great place for a day-trip perhaps combined with a hike in the Urkiola Park….. Get those boots on and join us!!



Filming Geografens Testamente Basque Country

Filming Swedish TV’s Geografens Testamente in the Basque Country

There is a very popular TV show for children in Sweden called Geografens Testamente…. Educational, for 10-13 year olds, a bit of adventure, some history and lots of European Geography. A little bit like Indiana Jones, with a fantasy, adventure story with good guys and baddies…. All sounds like good clean fun to me!

So we get a call asking to help them with the logistics as they are filming an episode here in the Basque Country…. So you can imagine the answer! The Bizkaia Hanging Bridge, our good friend Jaime Ortiz Mendieta and his super boat the Nayiri and finally at the magnificent Torre Loizaga.

So this is now Basque Experiences’ second TV filming assignment and it went really smoothly. The team from Baluba TV were over the moon as we got them out of a serious problem the day before… Anyway the day was fantastic, the sun was hot, the boat ran like a dream and the tower was perfect for the sword fighting scenes!! Of course, a special mention to the Bilbao Fencing Club who were superb!

Here we have three of the short clips we took whilst at work , believe me there was no time for more!! Its really surprising how hard these guys work….. You expect it to be very laid back and slow paced but they didn’t stop all day!! Anyway it was great fun and if there are any film or TV companies out there who need logistical support or ideas or organisation… well here we are!!

August is family time in the Basque Country

Family holidays in the Basque Country

August is a time when the family holiday rules, and there is no better place to come with the little ones than the Basque Country.

This summer has seen us with several groups, with children from 3 to 18. As an agency we can sort out all your accommodation make your reservations, organise activities and make your life a whole lot easier!

Knowing the best kid-friendly places to stay we can chose whats best for you, whether its a self-catering apartment, a hotel with inter-connecting rooms, a campsite with a bungalow or simply somewhere to pitch your tents. We have the inside knowledge here at Basque Experiences.

  • Basque Tour Family 1
  • Family Tour Basque Country
  • Basque Tour Family

Visits to winemakers for the parents, kayaking trips on the river, surf classes, hiking in enchanted forests, aquarium visits for those rainy days, unspoiled beaches and the best places for kids to eat, we can include them, or just advise you, if that’s what you are looking for.

With easy access from the rest of Europe via Bilbao airport or overland from France and even on the ferry from the South of England, the Basque country is becoming more and more accesible, and with the offer of activities growing year on year, we are hoping that we can have many more groups come and discover this wonderful corner of the world….