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Sailing with us along the Basque Coast!

Basque Coast Sailing

Come join us sailing for a fantastic perspective on our beautiful country. Rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, fishing villages, flysch and the odd film set…   Game of Thrones style

Basque Experiences and their partner arrange superb, tailored sailing trips from the port of Santurtzi, one of the historic fishing towns on the Bilbao estuary. Fully insured and using expert skippers and the best vessels you are in safe hands! Whether you are experiences sailors or beginners, the trips are special.

Bilbao and the River

Embarking from Santurtzi we can cruise inland towards Bilbao. Past the UNESCO Industrial Heritage Site of the Hanging Bridge. Incidentally the first of its kind in the world and the only such listed site in Spain. Up-river and past old steel-works and shipyards, upto San Mames stadium and the incredible Guggenheim Museum. Or cruise around the Abra, the entry to Bilbao. See Getxo Algorta, Las Arenas and Portugalete on a morning cruise.

Weekends on the Coast

Alternatively take a weekend trip along this gorgeous and rarely seen coast. Head towards Castro Urdiales for lunch or east past Plentzia, Bermeo, Lekeitio and onto the fishing villages of Zumaia and finally San Sebastián. The French coast is also close,with gorgeous harbours at Hendaye and St Jean de Luz. Want to learn? Well we can arrange courses for you with a fully qualified sail school, skippers and instructors. Is fishing your thing? Well we can put lines out for Tuna, feather for Mackerel and jig for squid... depends on your taste! Combine a morning onboard a yacht with a cycling tour on electric bikes with our friends at… Just drop Basque Experiences a line!!

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Basque Country Food. Where is it from? pt. 1

Basque Country Food…

Food… Hopefully you will have heard about some of the great dishes we prepare here in the Basque Country (there are a few pointers on this blog…) But have you ever wondered where the produce comes from? Accompanied by our friend Jose Pizarro, a restaurant owner from Caceres in Spain, but who lives and owns 3 restaurants in London, we set out over 2 days to discover some hidden gems…

Food research

Spring is in the the air and everything is coming back to life… In the green hills of Gipuzkoa, magic is at work. Txakoli vines are beginning to sprout and the anchovies are arriving in our waters, but some plants are already flowering and bearing fruit and in some cases vegetables.

The tear-shaped pea is an unknown quantity pretty much everywhere. However here, and in the best restaurants in Spain, it commands a seat at the head table. On a sunny day like today, seeing them on the vines and growing in their tiny pods, well, its a luxury!

Its not only the green things either, Further up in the hills is  a little family-run farm that breeds Euskal Txarri, a rare- breed of Basque Pig. Here the father and daughter team produce award winning sausages, hams, black puddings and bacon. A visit to them is an insight into this tasty world!

Basque Culinary Center

The Basque Culinary  Center was  next on our list as THE place to see when talking about food research here, indeed anywhere in the world. The BCC is a unique faculty and part of the University of the Basque Country, the only such faculty in the world. Dedicated to research and development for all things Culinary….


No visit to the Basque Country is complete without dining in a Txoko or Sociedad Gastronomika. A private dining club if you like where only members are allowed to cook….  Tales of the dinners and diners are legendary here in the Basque Country. So visiting one on Saturday afternoon was the perfect finale to a bust day discovering and learning about our produce.

Have a look at our fotos and a short video

Basque Experiences. Private Basque Country Tours


Sociedad Gastronomika 

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    The tear-shaped peas of Getaria
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August is family time in the Basque Country

Family holidays in the Basque Country

August is a time when the family holiday rules, and there is no better place to come with the little ones than the Basque Country.

This summer has seen us with several groups, with children from 3 to 18. As an agency we can sort out all your accommodation make your reservations, organise activities and make your life a whole lot easier!

Knowing the best kid-friendly places to stay we can chose whats best for you, whether its a self-catering apartment, a hotel with inter-connecting rooms, a campsite with a bungalow or simply somewhere to pitch your tents. We have the inside knowledge here at Basque Experiences.

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Visits to winemakers for the parents, kayaking trips on the river, surf classes, hiking in enchanted forests, aquarium visits for those rainy days, unspoiled beaches and the best places for kids to eat, we can include them, or just advise you, if that’s what you are looking for.

With easy access from the rest of Europe via Bilbao airport or overland from France and even on the ferry from the South of England, the Basque country is becoming more and more accesible, and with the offer of activities growing year on year, we are hoping that we can have many more groups come and discover this wonderful corner of the world….

Paesi Baschi – Euskadi

Paesi Baschi…

È un piacere, per noi, poter mostrare Paesi Baschi (Euskadi) a tutto il mondo, con le nostre abitudini, le nostre tradizioni, i nostri luoghi. Siete tutti invitati a venire a visitarci e a conoscerci direttamente, e sopratutto a godere di tutto quello che offre la nostra terra. Con questo post in Italiano, inauguriamo una serie di articoli che speriamo risveglino in voi la curiosità di visitare Euskadi, accompagnati da gente del luogo che vi farà sentire, in ogni istante, come un Basco vero e proprio.

Vi aspettiamo !!!!

In questo post vi mostriamo un video della regione Basca e il timelapse della provincia più’ bella della Biscaglia, quella del territorio di Uribe Costa. Paese Baschi Tours con Basque Experiences!

Es un placer poder mostrar Euskadi a todo el mundo, con nuestras costumbres, lugares, tradiciones. De tal modo que en un momento determinado puedan visitarnos y conocernos de primera mano, y disfrutar de todo lo que nos ofrece nuestra tierra.

En este post en italiano inaguramos una serie de artículos que esperamos despierten la curiosidad por visitar el ‘Paesi Baschi’ de mano de compatriotas locales que les harán sentir como un vasco más, pero en su idioma.

Les esperamos pronto¡¡¡

En este post les mostramos para empezar un video de Euskadi y un timelapse de una de las comarcas más bellas de la Costa de Bizkaia, la comarca de Uribe Costa.

And for those of you non-Latin language speakers, we have introduced a series of blogs in Italian for our Italian friends and visitors. Basque Experiences are looking to broaden our horizons by attracting a very knowledgeable market, especially in Culinary, Culturally and Wine terms. Basque Experiences creating private guided tours, special journeys and experiential travel for those discerning travellers seeking to discover Paesi Baschi. Basque Country Tours




Private Basque Tours

Private Basque Tours are the best fun!!

A private 7 -day tour with some friends from Los Angeles…. Its simply the best way to see our marvellous Basque Country!

This made-to-measure 7-day tour took in the French Basque Country; the countryside villages of Espelette, and Saint Jean Pied de Port, the glamorous town of Biarritz and historical Bayonne and Saint Jean de Luz. The excellent boutique hotels in Biarritz make for a perfect base to discover this rarely-explored corner of the Basque Country… It was made all the more special for us as our guests were with us in 2015 too!! They loved it so much they just had to come back and see what they missed last year and this time with their friends!!

Having a private tour, designed by us here at Basque Experiences, with your vital input of course,  means that you can concentrate on the things that you really fancy seeing.  This private tour saw our friends stay in the hills in a small guesthouse in Garai, as well as the best hotel in Bilbao. We adapt it to suit you.

Hopping back over the border and we were hiking in the Urkiola Natural Park, strolling around picturesque and laid-back fishing villages, biking in Bilbao (cigars included!), discovering cheese-makers and sampling home-cooked food rustled up by the owner of a Txakoli winery, learning about the flavours of our indigenous plants on a unique farm and finally eating in a members-only dining club. These can all form part of what we can do for you. Your Private Basque Tour with Basque Experiences, is exactly that!! We are waiting for you….


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