“BE” with Basque Experiences. Experience the Basque Country as the Basques do. We provide custom-made tours  so you can, well…be.

BE Basque


BE Friended

Learn traditional cheese-making techniques with interesting people. Make new friends at our well-known fiestas. As we say ‘behin lagun, betirako lagun,’ ’Once a friend, always a friend.’

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BE the Chef

Cook like a Basque with market visits and cooking courses accompanied by a Basque Chef, or enjoy a huge Basque meal in a Txoko.

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BE Active

At Basque Experiences we invite you to Be active. We can take you from world renowned surfing spots at Mundaka and Zarautz to fantastic trekking in the mountains and forests of the Pyrenees and Navarra. Coastal golf courses where the unpredictable Atlantic winds can alter in a second, to those nestled in the hills above the ripening Rioja vineyards, cycling in a land home to a five-times Tour de France winner, Tuna fishing in famous seas over 4000m deep. Horse-riding, canoeing, and diving, and even cricket, we offer you the chance to indulge yourselves with professionals.

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BE Delicious

Basque Food is finally making a name for itself! Let us open the door to some of the best restaurants in the world. The culinary tradition is engrained in the fabric of society. We cook and dine in Txokos, taste wines in family-run wineries and world-famous bodegas, quaff cider with the locals and excel in our spectacular and delicious pintxos. Drop us an email and we’ll will tailor-make a ‘Be delicious’ experience for your group

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BE Cultured

Euskadi, The Basque Country, has evolved these past 30 years. Our traditional past and modern, outward-looking future now sit side by side. We have strived to shake off our industrial, old fashioned image. And, with our modern galleries, urban regeneration schemes, cinema, innovation, art and design, we’ve succeeded in creating a uniquely Basque mix of traditional and modern.

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BE Different

Feast at a Basque Cider House with the locals. Or, finish off a plate of freshly caught and grilled sea bass while your feet dangle of the sea wall. How about, visiting hidden villages, out-of-sight from tourists? Try something different this holiday.

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BE Relaxed

Castles, boutique five-star hotels, spas, modern city hotels, country retreats and farms. We hand pick your accommodation and private transport to suit your needs.

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BE Sporty

Basque sports; traditional, modern and eccentric. Watch soccer with Athletic Club in San Mames. Or, get close-up to the rowing races, stone lifting or wood chopping. Take part or be a spectator.

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