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BE Delicious

A Marvellous Gift (Bodegas)

The vineyards of Alava-Araba, under the ‘Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja’ produce spectacular, world renowned tintos.
Just you and your friends in a Rioja Bodega, sampling the family’s private creations, getting a close up view of the vineyards and the production. Then having the family cook a delicious traditional lunch. Come with us and taste one of the most marvellous gifts we can offer.

A Taste of Txakoli

The slopes further north in Alava-Araba and along the green, Atlantic-facing coasts of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa produce Hondarribi Zuri and Beltza grapes, cultivated on small vineyards that produce the indigenous “Txakoli” a fresh, green, and at times sharp white wine.

OK, so you have tried it. What about sampling it where it’s created, on the exposed coasts facing the Bay of Biscay? It’s amazing how vibrant and fresh it tastes closer to home.

Cider House Rules!

Txotx!! Deep in the green, lush, rolling hills of Gipuzkoa you can find isolated farm houses that during the spring, roar with the sounds and voices of locals partaking in a long established ritual, that of the Sagardotegi or Cider House/Shop/Restaurant. Fermented from the previous season’s pressed apples, the cider is km 0! Make sure you get it in the glass however, as it flies out from huge barrels. Yet, it’s not just Cider, the tradition inevitably involves eating. Have as much chorizo, salt cod omelette, grilled cod with peppers, expertly grilled ox steaks, walnuts, cheese and quince jelly as you can manage.

Txokos (Dining clubs if you like)

Or, Gastronomic Societies which form one of the backbones of the Basque Culinary pantheon. They’re owned by the members who source the produce and who then meet to prepare it. Usually very traditional in style, they’re found all over Euskadi, from basements of residential blocks to harbourside wharves and hidden mountain houses. The members rules often stipulate no children or women allowed!

Let’s go for a few Pintxos!

Whether you’re in the city or smaller villages along the coast or inland, you’ll always find a great choice of pintxos (small, bite-sized tapas) in the bars and restaurants. They’re a religion here. Competitions encourage chefs across the country to innovate, design and create these mini taste explosions. You’ll be sure to taste the best with us. If you can’t kick the habit, join us and our chef to the txoko to make some.


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